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Our meetings offer a place of welcome, encounter and spiritual exploration. If you are coming for the first time and the prospect of sitting in a circle in silence seems daunting, you may find it easier to remain in silent contemplation for a short time before reading a book. It’s fine to close your eyes, many Quakers do. You do not have to be a member to come along – we welcome anyone who wishes to come, including those who receive inspiration from other religions and beliefs.


The meeting is based around silence – but unlike solitary meditation it’s a shared experience of attentive listening in which worshippers seek to experience the sacred for themselves. For some, this may be an experience of a personal God. Others may describe their experience in terms such as Love or Spirit.  


We sit in a circle to increase our awareness of one another and to remind us that we are all equal before God. We have no priests or ministers.


The silence may briefly be broken if someone feels called to say something that will deepen and enrich the worship. Anyone who feels strongly led to speak may do so.


We hold Meeting for Worship at 11am on the 1st and 3rd Sunday of the month. Please get in touch via the Contact Form on this website to find details of exact venue. We are in the process of finding new premises and so are renting various community rooms around Wigan at present.

We are always willing to discuss our practice and answer your questions, and there is time to do this after meeting ends. We never pressure you to make any kind of commitment.


All are welcome to attend our meetings and find out if (in the words of George Fox) they “answer to your condition”.


Wigan Local Meeting is part of Hardshaw & Mann Area Meeting which also includes Quaker Meetings across much of West Lancashire and the Isle of Man.

Wigan Meeting
1st and 3rd Sunday of the month

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